Cradle Cap Shampoo

Gently cleanses your baby’s scalp for effective relief from cradle cap.

  • Use from birth
  • Rub gently into the scalp
  • Help keep baby's scalp and hair clean and healthy
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A gently cleansing treatment for cradle cap

Massage a little of our shampoo into your baby’s hair to help bring their scalp back to normal.

Cradle cap is very common in babies and isn’t serious. But if you want to clear up unsightly patches, you can use our shampoo from birth.

How to use

Three simple steps

Wet your baby’s head with warm water.

Gently massage ½ teaspoon of shampoo over the whole scalp.

Rinse and repeat every bath time until the scalp clears.

Get answers to your cradle cap queries by talking to your health visitor, pharmacist or doctor.

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What's in our Cradle Cap Shampoo?

Dentinox Cradle Cap Treatment Shampoo contains sodium lauryl ether sulpho-succinate and sodium lauryl ether sulphate.

Sodium lauryl ether sulpho-succinate and sodium lauryl ether sulphate are cleansing surfactants, proven to be effective in the treatment of cradle cap.

Always read the label.

For more information, have a look at this leaflet (PDF 523Kb)

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Frequently asked questions

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Cradle Cap advice

Learn more about Cradle Cap

What else can I try?

Loosen the scales overnight by rubbing a little baby oil into your baby’s scalp before bed. Or use a natural oil like olive or vegetable.

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