Colic Drops

Give your baby some extra comfort with our soothing, alcohol-free Colic Drops.

  • Use from birth
  • Helps disperse trapped air
  • Add to your baby’s bottle or use the handy syringe
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Dentinx Colic Drops


Simple relief from colic

When your baby’s suffering from colic, you can both do with a little help. Try a 2.5ml dose of our Colic Drops with or after a feed to free any trapped air.

While colic doesn't normally begin for at least a couple of weeks, our alcohol-free Colic Drops are suitable from birth.

How to use

Three simple steps

Shake the container well.

Use the dropper to measure 2.5ml of liquid.

Squeeze it into your baby’s mouth, towards the cheek.

Got some questions about colic drops? Have a chat with your health visitor, pharmacist or doctor.

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What's in our Colic Drops?

Dentinox Infant Colic Drops contains the active ingredient activated dimeticone.

Activated dimeticone
belongs to a group of medicines called active substances and helps to release trapped wind from your baby's tummy.

Always read the label.

For more information, have a look at this leaflet (PDF 531Kb)

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Frequently asked questions

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Colic advice

Learn more about colic

What else can I try?

Give your baby a gentle massage with baby oil. Rub it clockwise into their tummy to relieve the tension.

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