After 60 years helping babies with all manner of minor issues, we've learnt all sorts of useful tips.


Teething rings

Some teething rings can be cooled in the fridge, which can really help soothe your baby’s gums.

Healthy options

If they’re older than six months, a piece of raw fruit or vegetable can make a great healthy teething ring.


Keep your baby occupied with games and activities and they’ll find it easier to forget about those tiresome teeth.

Find out how you can relieve your little one's teething pains

Dentinox Teething gel

Cradle cap

Rub in oil

Rub a little olive or baby oil onto your baby’s scalp before putting them to bed. This will help soften the dry skin.

Brush gently

Before washing their hair with baby shampoo, gently brush it with a soft brush to loosen the scale.

Don't pick

Try to avoid the temptation and let the skin clear up on its own. Picking at the scales can lead to an infection.

Handling Cradle Cap doesn’t have to be stressful

Dentinox Cradle Cap
Treatment Shampoo



A warm bath with a little lavender can be a great way to relieve colic. Try to keep it at around 38°C.


Warm your hands and rub a little baby oil clockwise onto your baby’s tummy to soothe their discomfort.


Keep moving to help distract them and relieve colic. Go for a walk, take a drive or just rock them back and forth.

Problems with colic? Here’s how you can soothe your baby

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Sticky eyes

Gently Wash

Gently bathe your baby’s eyes and help remove sticky liquid with some cotton wool soaked in cooled boiled water.

Wipe Away

Always wipe away from the eye and repeat with fresh wipes or cotton wool to keep their eyes clean.

Tip and Trickle

Slightly tip your baby’s head towards the eye you’re cleaning. This helps the water trickle away from the eye.

Here’s a quick, easy way to help clear your baby’s eyes.

Dentinox Eye Wipes

Dry scalp

Know the difference

Did you know that a dry scalp produces dry, flaky skin but is not itchy or oily? Whereas, cradle cap produces crusty, oily scales on the scalp.

Feed the skin

Nourishing botanical oils and vitamin E can help to moisturise and protect the skin; whilst chamomile can calm and soothe a dry scalp.


Before bedtime, give your baby a head massage using natural oils and leave on overnight. This will help them relax and hopefully sleep well too!

Dentinox Baby Scalp Oil


Bedtime Routine

Encouraging good habits early on might help your baby to fall asleep. Keep your routine short, around 20 minutes every night.


You might need to pat or shush your little one quickly until they drift off.


A warm bath, gentle massage or soothing lullaby might help your little one settle quicker.

Here are our top tips for getting your little one down to sleep



You might think if your baby is not sleeping soundly then something is wrong, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Babies aren’t the same – each will have their own routine.

Sticky Eyes

Touch it, wipe it, spread it - infections are contagious but sticky eyes are not! Parents commonly mistake sticky eyes for conjunctivitis, so it's important to know the difference.

Fact or Fiction

There are many more myths out there about baby ailments. Here, our experts give you the low-down on what's fact and what's fiction.

Find out what separates fact from fiction

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